Male Masturbators Toys 3D


Realistic Silicone Vagina Pussy For Men

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Male Masturbators Toys 3D Realistic Silicone Vagina Pussy For Men

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★Created from Women’s Actual Body Casting, Compatible with water based lubes – Inside this Mens Suction Toy, you’ll feel every bump and ridge of the soft inner love tunnel. It’s designed for the most pleasurable stroking possible. Grab the outer case and use it as a handle, or wedge the Real Doll Mouth between pillows for more creative positioning.


★Soft SuperSkin Material Feels Just Like Real – Made from a realistic material known as SuperSkin, the Masturators Toys looks and feels like human skin for an amazingly lifelike experience.


★Easy to Clean and Store – After use, you can remove your Super Stroker from its case, rinse thoroughly, and allow to air dry before storing. Refresh the mens suction toy at any time with a little cornstarch or refreshing powder.


★Travel sized design, Get it wherever you go – One of the biggest benefits of the realistic mens suction toy Is its discrete design. The plain black storage case looks similar to a beer bottle – making it easy to hide in your garage, room, workshop or man cave where your significant other would never find it.


★The compact masturbators toys doesn’t hold back when it comes to pleasure – It creates the same sucking sensation every time you use it just like the original toy. You can even adjust the intensity of the sucking sensation just by twisting the base. And to sweeten your pleasure even more, the real doll mouth comes with its own highly specialized interior designed to maximize your stimulation and pleasure, super stroker.

Package List:1* Mens Suction Toy

Why choose our realistic doll:

Now Your real doll mouth Can Go Anywhere You Go! Enjoy the same great design of the original toy in a smaller, travel-friendly package!

More compact shape makes the super stroker easier to use when traveling


Stroker generates a “sucking” sensation for extra pleasure


Unique interior designed for maximum stimulation


Discreet design makes the masturators toys easy to hide


Inner sleeve is made from realistic SuperSkin for a lifelike feel


Outer case is made from plastic


The toy Go: Your ultimate travel buddy whether you’re hitting the road for business or fun! Designed as a travel-friendly version of the world’s hottest male toy,– making the super stroker that much easier to hide in your luggage and carry around with you.

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